Energy Clearing and Chakra Rebalancing

A rapid mental and emotional re-balance occurs as Tony, the energy facilitator, flushes your 3 outer etheric bodies which are linked to both how you feel, and think. Inter-dimensional beings showed Tony the need for this clearing and Re-Balancing method 15 years ago. 

Tony has also been shown by benevolant beings, a watertight screen test to prove to you before and after the heaviness has lifted.
This practical, emotional, upliftment can be immediately felt as - a quietening of the mind - a stillness and lightness. This raises your vibration as you release anxieties and fears.

Along with emotions of frustration, and anger, the energy wave will release any implants or other attachments to ones energy field. Like psychic attacks, known in Africa as curses. The lifting of all this heavy energy from you, has been dealt with since antiquity by all, not some, worldwide indigenous cultures. Even the Catholics smudge inside churches, especially for reverent occasions. However, I will show you my screening process which shows the 400 year Violet Flame, and the smudging of smoke no longer clears everything, particularly the 3 new things put into us all (in our field, I mean) in 2015. Tony can ‘see’ all these ‘shadows’ consciously planted throughout us.

Myself as a message stick, and interfacer, I have recently come through a 15 year vision quest of clearing all of this Mamu (Central Australian) or Malu (Hawaiian) or Doppies (African and Queensland Aboriginal terms) for energy that doesn’t belong!

“A sense of Peace”, thereafter prevails! Most clients end as smiling, their “energetic burdens” removed. Their chakras now re-opened and balanced so synergy prevails.

Immediately address’s, monkey chatter, stress, gross tiredness, aching backs, neck or shoulders, even despair.

Tony has also been gifted 12 Etheric ‘shields’ he can apply after the clearing to keep your mind and emotions positive with your new paradigm vibration.

Feeling un-grounded, cloudy, angry. You simply need clearing by this tried and tested method. ‘You’ will decide it’s effectiveness. The results speak for themselves. Tony, can also ‘surrogate’ this Aquarian Age, New Paradigm Healing, meaning through you for another person whom cannot be present.

Accompanied by my main teacher /guide, White Feather and Archangel Metatron, using my gifts of sight, feeling and hearing will find and always clear people and premises completely of these beings, which can cause a lot of fear and anxiety, bad luck and accidents."

Energy Clearing and Chakra Re-Balancing

Allow 1.5 hours
Energy Clearing now available over the Phone/Skype/In Person, worldwide
Contact us for more information and bookings 
Phone  0419 107 333  or  08 9848 3360
email: julie@norgrove.com.au


Tony cleared my aura with Paradigm healing recently.  I feel still reconnected and grounded.  My often worried mind has actually stopped, especially by remembering now to circular breathe.  In a stressful situation I bounce back every time.  blessings to you both.  Jane - Karratha

I had issues from my past including childhood abuse, and the subsequent angst followed me lifelong. It felt like a black cloud over me.  After one session of New Paradigm balancing, I am seeing clearly what i had to release from my past.  Joanna - London

Tony Norgrove: Clairvoyant, Shamanic Teacher, Energy Clearing Specialist - at The Sacred Tree, Denmark Western Australia

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