Reiki Treatments - from the original USUI Lineage

Reiki, meaning Life Force Energy, is channeled through the facilitator’s hands, usually as hot heat, relaxing the recipient using ancient symbols of a geometric design.
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This is done with the client lying down on a blanketed massage table. The trained Reiki practitioner sits or stands around the still client. With hands gently connecting to the client, a very deep sense of balance and happiness resumes. The Human Auric Field holds onto our growing stress and needs releasing. A deep sense of peace and stillness prevails, as all the stress is released.

The Energy from the facilitators hands assists to break down i.e. transmute all of the heaviness and busyness inside.
Not only the body relaxes, but likewise the mind. Feel the peace as your inner monologue, i.e. monkey chatter is calmed, loss of sore necks and tiredness, ‘aches and pains often suddenly vanish’.

Take a deep breath and remember who you are.
Also very beneficial for grief and depression. Through this process if you wish Tony can recommend if you would benefit from other balancing methods, particularly for very serious traumas.

Reiki Treatments

Allow 1.5 Hours
 In Person
Please Contact us for bookings -
Phone: 0419 107 333 or 08 9848 3360

Tony Norgrove: Clairvoyant, Shamanic Teacher, Energy Clearing Specialist - at The Sacred Tree, Denmark Western Australia

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