The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA
The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA

 Workshops with Tony Norgrove

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Aura Re-Balancing 

9.30am - 5pm  - Includes Aura Photo & Report.  What we think is who we are.  Our Aura is made up of Chakras creating together a person's Aura.  What if clearings can be effected which change lifelong our chakras, thereby Aura and thinking!  Less mental fog, angst and ungroundedness.  Utilising Tony's healing experiences, of especially the last 20 years, you will notice the improvements.  Find your true connection.  Be free. Release what you no longer need.  Join Tony for a fun, enlightening day of self discovery.  Feel lighter from Tony's releasements for you.  Learn to clear and protect people.  Includes proof through the worlds latest, only screening process.  Ideal for Practitioners and newcomers.

Phone  9848 3360  or

aura, workshops, tony norgrove, group

Psychic Development Workshop - 1 day

9.30am - 5pm The course will take you on an inner journey to your inner most being.  You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and your psychic abilities.  It will assist you to expand your awareness and reconnect with your intuition and imagination, and enable you to utilize your mind, body and spirit as one.   This workshop is for everyone from all walks of life.  Communicate with your Angel or Guide, Psychic Protection, Grounding the new you onto the New Earth.  Includes meditation techniques.  Learn how to read the history of certain objects by holding the object using Psychometry.

Phone  9848 3360  or

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REIKI 1 Workshop 2 Days

9.30am - 5pm  Certificated - 2 days including  4 attunements and 25 page Reiki Manual. Learn the basic principles of your energy system, history of Reiki, Reiki for common Ailments.  Hand positions on or near the body that will assist you to heal yourself and others.  Clearing and Balancing Techniques.  How to find a spiritual connection to life assisting you to feel happier and healthier.  Take your power back and be the change you wish to see in the world.   Certificated - Usui Lineage.  

Phone  9848 3360  or

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Level 1 - 1 day - Universal Shamanic Journeying & Healing -   Bookings Required

9.30am - 4.30pm Tony will build a Power Pole altar to the sounds of the Native American Flute, to unify the participants hearts together into a strong healing space. You can contribute a feather, stone, flower or a small item to Great Spirit onto the Power Pole.

Opening Mediation with Tony.  Learn how to shift your consciousness into an altered state, naturally, as has been done for millennium.  Tony will drum for you to meet your Spirit Animal Guide.  Learn to shift from upper and lower worlds safely.  Learn to clear blockages, including people, animals, crystals and space, safely and how to check they are clear.  Learn to interpret your power animals.  A Shaman must be clear of intrusions.  We prove to you how to tell easily and how to maintain lifelong protection from illuminante and Annunaki and Curses.

Through journeying into the astral plane of Tjurrkurpa you will meet your principle guide. Shamanism brings balance to the world. Through respect, ceremony and honourings we aim to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth. You will feel clearer, losing most of your over-thinking and get your energy or power back on the day.

Phone   9848 3360 or

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Level 2 - 2 day Shamanic Workshop - min. 2 people 

The Shamanic Session involves little participation by the recipient, who usually, though not necessarily, lays asleep on a comfortable massage table, or if doing a Skype session, sits in a chair, while the journeyer i.e. Tony, sits nearby. Tony, uses Universal contemporary Shamanic techniques, ‘travels’ into a parallel dimension with his guides, engaging with the clients lost soul aspects, facilitating their return to the client.

The result is in people feeling revitalized, renewed and empowered. Feel you have your voice back. Lose the over-thinking. See life and the world clearer. Can be life-changing in a positive way.

9.30 - 5pm each day.    Ideal for couples, friends or small groups.  Ideal, for people wanting a much more in-depth experience of Shamanism.  Includes Journeying into non-ordinary reality for yourself and others, returning soul fragments, medicine animals and for divination.  Meeting crystal masters and plant spirits, clearing people of intrusions and entities, including homes and business's of lower astral energies.  Includes a viewing of a documentary showing healing by Aboriginal Ngangkari Shamen from Central Australia.  All your questions answered.  Ideal for practitioners and spiritual seekers alike.  "All Tony's workshops combine fun with decades of hands on sessions to empower you.  Find your Power Name!  Aho!"

 phone:  08 9848 3360  or

aura, workshops, tony norgrove, group

Reiki Workshops - Usui Lineage

A Reiki Master of 15 years, combined with Tony’s extraordinary gift of sight allows him to facilitate safely a 2 day workshop for either Reiki 1 or II or above with clarity and insight, using ancient healing symbols, participants experience the bliss of numerous initiations purging fears and anxieties, facilitating the receiver to consequently direct at will healing to rebalance and restore both energy and harmony to any given situations, be that personal, healing for others, and the Planet. Reiki can be also used safely on animals and plants, in fact anything organic benefits from this subtle yet effective form of unconditional love. Contact us for more information and bookings. Reiki Master Course in 2021. Please advise your interest.


The Sacred Tree - 21 Strickland Street, Denmark, WA
Both Julie’s Flute Lessons and Tony's Energetic Sessions of Reiki,  Clairvoyant Readings,  DNA Activations, Ancestral Karma & Entity Removals, New Paradigm Healing, Universal Shamanic Healing and his various energetic workshops take place at 21 Strickland St. Denmark, WA. The Sacred Tree -  Namaste!
“It is time to honor our Mother Earth, time for us to step into our co-created dream of the New Earth. Put simply it is time to ‘Wake Up’, time to be healed of our scars, our wounds, time to heal our Mother with our respect and Love for her. In other words, I believe this is the foretold time of Self Mastery and Stewardship, both of self and the planet.”
 VISIT US: 21 Strickland St, Denmark WA 6333
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