The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA
The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA

Universal Shamanic Soul Retrievals

Universal Shamanic Soul Retrievals
A practitioner of Shamanism is known as a Shaman, or Spiritual Healer. Traditionally a Shaman (Man or Woman) would have been a medicine man or a wise woman with many roles i.e. Sage, a Spiritual Teacher, Story Teller, Seer, Mystic and Healer.

A Shaman heals the spiritual aspect of illness by communicating with the Spirit world of non-ordinary reality (The Dreamtime) by travelling to other dimensions, for Divination purposes for both guidance and to bring back healing.

Apart from healing particular isolated trauma's, such as grief, or divorce Tony can utilize a South American method to address themes, like programmes running through a person's life, where the same 'stuff', perpetually re-manifests time and time again. for e.g. numerous divorce's or failed financial endeavours, rejection by others, or abandonment issues, by returning the client's grace aspect from the 'cave of the original wound.'

Throughout our lives when trauma occurs, we constantly ‘lose’ part of our Soul. This is pursued by Tony under the guidance of a Spiritual Master and brought back to the client using The Shamans Breath, facilitating a sense of joy. Giving the recipient the strength and clarity both to if necessary change their life for the better. This results in a sense of wholeness.

Examples of trauma leading to soul loss include:
Grief, of both loved ones and pets, Divorce, Severe illness, Accidents, Rejection, Abandonment, Depression and Abuse.

Symptoms include:
Feeling stuck or lost, feeling fragmented, sickness, depression, anger, self-harm, misfortune, and or addictions used to mask the pain, sore neck/back, fibrillating heart, tired for no reason.  Feeling like a piece of you is missing.

Effects after soul returns:
Mental clarity, a sense of joy, feeling lighter, facilitating being able to effectively change their life, a sense of hope, as their personal life force energy finally returns and connection to your Higher Self.

The Shamanic Session involves little participation by the recipient, who usually, though not necessarily, lays asleep on a comfortable massage table, or if doing a Skype session, sits in a chair, while the journeyer i.e. Tony, sits nearby. Tony, uses Universal contemporary Shamanic techniques, ‘travels’ into a parallel dimension with his guides, engaging with the clients lost soul aspects, facilitating their return to the client.

The result is in people feeling revitalized, renewed and empowered. Feel you have your voice back. Lose the over-thinking. See life and the world clearer. Can be life-changing in a positive way.

Tony's Universal Shamanic Background, training and teachers:

Tony's earliest interest (this lifetime) in Shamanic philosophy began with his platform work in Spiritualist Church's in Auckland in his early 20's (late 70's) as he opened up to the inner planes clairvoyantly, with his association with 'Joseph' a kindly Maori Tohunga from Mount Egmont in New Plymouth. Tony travelled extensively throughout to 48 countries developing his Psychic and Shamanic abilities, including 6 months in Africa, where he was trained in effective curse removal, to Western Russia, where the word Shaman comes from, and 0verhead readings in London for 2 years. Tony was then drawn to 'Uluru' in Northern Territory, where he met his twin flame and worked for 'Anangu Tours' for 8 years and associated with Ngangkari men who he worked for. Tony and Julie ran Shamanic guided journey's once a week where Tony was taken into the Uluru temple (etherically) many times, to see the antiquity held within.

Great Spirit then guided Tony and Julie to live in Western Australia at Koorabup (Denmark) , where the forest meets the sea, near Valley of the Giants. Here Tony continues to work on the inner plains with these same Ngangkari and Lawmen, with teachings and told to share this knowledge as the planet was evolving through an ascension and self mastery was vital for all.
Tony has thousands of healed and satisfied clients through both Shamanic healings and Clairvoyant Readings, linking others to the world of spirit.

Tony's workshops are practical, hands on, heart felt and enables everyone to successfully engage in direct personal experiences with the spirit world.

Regardless of your walk of life for the past 15 years Tony and his principle guide have brought this unique in-depth form of healing to a wide array of clients including: Nurses, Lawyers, School-Teachers, Musicians, Artisians, Psychologists, Reiki Masters, Policemen, Accountants, Soldiers, Tradespeople, fellow Spiritual Warriors, Parents, Children and our Jack Russell, following a vicious dog attack. On average Tony would consult around 1000 people per year... including clients Tony would consult with on Skype and Phone healings.

“Are you ready to move forward?”
“To heal your wounds of possibly this and previous lives?”
“Are you ready to become your SELF?”

Universal Shamanic Soul Retrievals 

Allow 3 - 4 hours
Shamanic Soul Retrieval now available over the Phone/Skype/In Person, worldwide
Contact us for more information and bookings. email:
Phone:  0419 107 333  or 08 9848 3360


I've struggled with my drug addictions for years, however, thank you Tony and your spiritual guides for releasing me finally from my addictive personality.  To be frank I was very cynical but so happy I followed my sister's insistence after she felt much better seeing you months earlier.  I feel I can at last get on with my life.  I've even met a lady since and all is going well.  Michael - Darwin

Hi Tony, I am simply writing to say thankyou for what you have done for my 6-year-old Jade and give some feedback to Tony. Jade is no longer getting in trouble daily at school and he has a lot more contentment and confidence in his life and a lot more focused.  We've seen a real turn-around in him.  Thank you very much for doing what you do. Maria - Perth    20.10.20

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