The Winds of Change are Upon Us!

Now, is the as foretold by ancient previous cultures, the growth experience period, we had to have! Everyone can now see the worlds limited behaviour patterns are being outgrown and proved to be unsustainable. With ‘change’ always comes some pain! but remember you are ‘here’, in Australia. Compared to natural disasters, famines and wars worldwide, we don’t have the same complaints.

We must remember constantly throughout these very challenging times, to remain grateful, this ‘assists to support us emotionally, on the worst days. You can fight ‘it’ and wear yourself out, due to your increased emotional stress or go with it! Change what you can, accept what you can’t, period. This inevitably means some detachment and instead a “re-establishment of our spiritual lives”. Change and challenges require our understanding of this process, and acceptance.

Change is inevitable, growth however is optional!

Post Dec 2012- Your new symptoms likely include

· Sleep problems

· A growing heightened sense of ‘self’, who you are, and what you now need, what and who makes you happy.

· This internal ‘shift’, a refocus, may easily require big ‘physical sortings’, like where you live, with whom and where your income derives from.

· Outmoded relationships, especially those ‘toxic’, won’t last.

· Anything out of ‘balance’, i.e. out of the current new truth will shake and kick us until we deal with ‘it’. There is no more putting our heads in the sand! No longer will a wine, make it all go away. The old ways, i.e. How we distract self from the necessary inner work no longer numbs us.

Suggestions to Rebalance Self

· Don’t get worked up anymore, go for a walk, look for new solutions. Detach until grounded again, i.e. save your energy!

· Reduce your stress! If its financial – Reduce debt

· If its people, resolve or move away?

· Especially avoid petty tyrants and toxic people

· Meditate for groundedness, direction and to establish real etheric connections yourselves for own personal empowerment. This will aid your emotional over-stress!

· Circular breathe when feeling odd i.e. ungrounded

· Be discerning in what you read and believe, beware of the internet! Develop your own screen test for your truth i.e. have a conclusion.

· Emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis mentality and be you, but the resurrected higher ideals you!!

· Don’t ‘bite’ or enter conflict unless able

· Say routinely happy affirming mantras like ‘I am at peace with the world’ try saying it 100s of times a day

· Remain open to new ideas and balancing methods by experienced practitioners!

It’s vital to shift old stale emotions and create a new balanced outlook of ‘caring and sharing’ of inclusivity, not exclusivity!

We are all one. Become your own ‘religion’ in the most authentic like way!

Waking Up and Growing Up – New Challenges

Post Dec 2012, times of your spirit being challenged, requiring;
More Humility, More Patience, More Generosity, More Releasements, More Trust, More Detachment, More Self Love
We as conduits of change, ‘wayshowers’, volunteered! Transmuting these new energies of change, freedom and abundant possibilities. We need to be aware of the shifting as our vibration had to shift and our awareness.  Necessities – Let go of the normal.  “Our bodies and minds are changing!” It will pass! Be comforted you are not alone. Everyone! Including myself. “We are the co-creators” You and I are birthing a New Awareness, effects around us of invisible energies, we are earthing new Blue Prints into the grid systems and leylines for mankind’s now accelerated evolution.

Where the ‘Shift’ From the Universe & Your Higher Self is Leading You to Overcome compromising lifestyles and Becoming less rigid and exclusive

Releasements! What no longer serves you, such as emotional debris.  Be patient, develop new tools! Meditate! Clear all negative emotions, explore how. When ready you will find your solutions, some are universal, exert now less control and have more trust. This alone develops your faith!  Overcome past life programming by retrieval work, Choose fun over fear and procrastinating!, It’s your time to now emerge from the ‘shackles of your past’, into your ‘new light!’

Disconnect from worldly chaos, which is driving our need to Transform and Replenish. To find our new earth or subsequently new consciousness! The ‘stress’ is everywhere, and unprecedently unlike say world wars of the past ‘communities’ more than ever including individuals feeling unsupported, fragmented, even alone, so it makes this uncomfortable process harder. But we can only birth, our own higher consciousness really, alone. Remember “Change is inevitable, Growth is optional!” Remember Christs words, “As I have done, so you, too will follow!”
Your ‘Tribe’ now is non-other than similar unfolding consciously beings around you! You are the person you’ve been waiting for!

Tony Norgrove

Tony Norgrove, Spiritual Teacher & Clairvoyant

Tony came to Earth to bare testament to 'The Coming of Ages', the foretold quickening of Consciousness, or Ascension. Born Clairvoyantly sighted, I am the eyes by which I may support in others their 'Awakening', by seeing all that which from Astral would effectively sabotage many the Ascension they have long been thirsting for. To quench others 'thirst' Tony can shield, clear ancestral curses, re-build vital lost soul fragments, initiate your 12 strand DNA activation and remove implants, lessoning the typical Ascension Symptoms indured by all and show how to do this for other people.
tony norgrove, teacher, peace
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