Ancestral  and Personal Curses
Psychic attacks,  Doppie removals

So you feel you are a good person, yet there is something off? This may present physically usually, as leg problems, pains in the back (daggers) or heart palpitations, when medical science fails to find a cause!  Mentally you may relentlessly keep thinking of someone, usually from your past with projections from them towards you or your family. Are you or family dogged by consistent bad luck, health or wealth issues?

All Native cultures understood this once, and released the energetic curse permanently, including in the case of Ancestral curses, which I and my Father were born with,. I have done these releasements for many Noongar clients.
My spiritual teacher has shown me decades ago, how to identify even by a photo, or phone link the type of curse using Paraiketima (white blankets) over the imagined body of the receiver. If these visualised ‘blankets’ fail to fall through anything, we need to do a releasement.

Everyone, including 25,000 clients I have seen worldwide over the last 20 years can physically feel the releasement happen. The most common response is ‘lighter’.

This process improves the connections between one another, gives personal peace, and immediate heart, back or leg re balance.
Curses are the result of particularly odious anger towards a persons 1st name or surname. It’s actually not so uncommon! I’ve seen people leave their crutches accidentally behind in our store in Denmark after a releasement. If required my guides will show you just where the curse originated and why, however we always advocate the price of peace is forgiveness, be Free!

‘Doppies’ a 50,000 Queensland name for an attachment to one’s energy field is a worldwide culturally understood ailment, which visually I have found now most common. I’ve successfully performed these releasements. These aren’t essentially personal attacks, they are like fleas (I’ve witnessed and released about 10 variations) over time from people, including children and their pets. The stronger ones ie Fauns, Poltergeists and Preta stand outside the human aura, even moving between usually 2 individual victims creating fear, conflict and kaos which they energetically feed off. I’ve travelled extensively and found a name for these in every country, and within every religion encountered. They don’t “just leave” but can trick their hosts into thinking this. They are 4 D astral forms of conscious, clever beings which feed off our Prana, ie life-force energy as food. It’s definitely not ‘bad’ or evil people that attract them, it can be anyone, even children. Symptoms include obvious mood swings and anger. Infected people behave narcisticley projecting at others. They look possessed in their eyes and body language and don’t usually want to be helped. “Not believing in them” won’t release them or keep them away. Ignorance is what they thrive on.
Once released, I’ve successfully completed 10’s of thousands actually, a sense of peace prevails, with the loss of monkey chatter (not victim’s thoughts) perpetual tiredness, sore necks and regular sleep problems. They are very sublime, unlike movies, objects moving is very very rare because that would disclose them!   Stealth is their protection.
If concerned about someone’s erratic unusual behaviour, we can use you as a surrogate to clear them. Following the separation experience, i.e. releasements.

Be Free!

‘Love is Always the answer’
‘Feel the Family curse releasing from All the family.’
1.5hr Consultation In Person or Long Distance

Ancestral Curses and Common Curses

Allow 1.5 Hours
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The Family curse you removed from my left leg/foot. I have suffered Achilles tendinitis for 8 years and have had a hard lump on my Achilles for the same amount of time. This morning, since the session with you Tony, I can’t find that lump! I’m blown away…..normally you can see it let alone feel it and now I can’t even find it! Pushing on my Achilles would normally have me jumping through the roof in pain. Today…Nothing! Just wanted to say thank you for the session. I walked away feeling very calm and happy.

Warmest regards Jen – Perth WA

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