The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA
The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA

Ancestral  and Personal Curses
Psychic attacks,  Doppie removals

An Ancestral Curse involves a particularly odious intention by an individual against yourself or a former family member (who may be now alive or deceased), affecting subsequently their entire Family Tree on either side, including the unborn.

Tony can clairvoyantly see this inside the clients left leg as a long black line of energy, in Africa known as a Snake.

Tony has found the relevant ‘blackboard’ to prove this underneath a client’s foot. He will test high vibrational words like ‘love’, written by visualising under the foot. If the word stays, the blackboard is blocked and there is no other explanation for the individual, but an Ancestral curse. 

Tony talks the client through a brief ‘felt’ experience which will show all where the curse originated, and how to immediately clear it from all members of your family. Usually the client will be always guided in how to request from the perceived ‘victims family’ a loving solution, where re- balance always happens. The client has physical or emotional sensations as the curse is safely lifted, especially from their legs.  Sore knees, ankles or feet problems can be signs of such a curse. Observing a negative theme flowing through family is another tell tale sign, like bad luck, misfortune, anger, health, love and financial problems re-occurring.

i.e. Common Curses, Business Curses, Personal Curses, Relationship Curse. These Curses can be directed at anyone by mean spirited individuals. They invariably have their reasons, but never is trespassing another’s sovereignty acceptable.

‘Love is Always the answer’
‘Feel the Family curse releasing from All the family.’
1hr Consultation

Ancestral Curses and Common Curses

Allow 1 Hour
Available Worldwide by Phone/Skype/Zoom/In person
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The Family curse you removed from my left leg/foot. I have suffered Achilles tendinitis for 8 years and have had a hard lump on my Achilles for the same amount of time. This morning, since the session with you Tony, I can’t find that lump! I’m blown away…..normally you can see it let alone feel it and now I can’t even find it! Pushing on my Achilles would normally have me jumping through the roof in pain. Today…Nothing! Just wanted to say thank you for the session. I walked away feeling very calm and happy.

Warmest regards Jen – Perth WA

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