Arcturian DNA Activation

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Allow 1.5hrs for enhancement of the 6 Psychic abilities. In Person, Zoom, Skype or Phone

For consciously evolving people, ie old souls and starseeds, Tony will clearly guide the un folding process of your vibrational, frequency upgrade shift, while working with interstellar realms.
Arcturian teachers Po, Ra, and Zak choose to connect, with instructions to me in 2015 following my visit to the Gold Coast for a UFO conference, since I’ve completed around 500 of these, many through skype or phone including overseas. Tony guides the journey, similar to a guided meditation showing you through breath work how to enter an alpha state of consciousness. As emotional beings we both feel together your process, releasing you further from the typical 1D fear matrix, up into the Archetypical mind of selfhood, being the sole quest of the spiritual warrior! Maintenance of such will be easier furthermore. This re programming of heart and mind begins with an Arcturian collaboration around you which can be seen and felt. This is not ‘Placebo’. Using their advanced technology, cellular encodements are first released from your soul within your body, this initiates the healing process, followed by a guided real etheric journey with me to Tolmar in the 6th Dimension as souls. We return with programming back to Earth to be carefully installed into all your awakening chakras.  This is done by Po and Ra, my 7th dimensional teachers.
Expect an acceleration of your own personal awakening. (Harira in Maori) for this now Aquarian age, into collectively our full potential as sentient beings. A 24 hour integration furthermore can be felt.
Once the process is complete. It only needs doing once. Expect a clearing of old Paradigm patterning, improved psychic abilities and a deep cosmic sense of connection to self and peace.
Includes a clearing of our veiled Third Eye by Annunakai globally in January 2020 and identification of your own Souls Star Nation origin, the more common being Sirius, Arcturius or The Pleiades.

Are you ready to transcend the 1D Matrix, ie referred to as the flat Earth society?

A deep sense of restored sovereignty, calm, completion, wholeness, of safety is felt, now a feeling of inclusivity, a part of everything, yet detached from the suffering of it all. The session in chairs is face to face while Tony the Medium channels the 90min ethereal process, which both parties will substantially feel. As the process unfolds raising ones consciousness frequency, supporting with clarity our awakening of consciousness since 2012.

Will Enhance and lift your personal frequency integrating more of your Christ self. Be more of who you were meant to be. 

How can you test this? By your Heart, and by the Peace and Joy thereafter.
Your journey is lightened, and the ‘magic’ within stirred!
What you do with this, is up to you.

DNA Activations 

1.5 Hr Consultation 
Available Worldwide by Phone/Skype/Zoom/In person
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