The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA
The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA

Arcturian DNA Activation

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Through Tony’s meditations, a group called Arcturians came to show a simple technique which will accelerate your post Ascension ‘quickening of consciousnesses.’ Real palatable uplift of mood, a calm certainty prevails. This is done via your Blueprint or Aura assisting your Ascension. The piece you’ve been looking for. Notice more energy, as all your chakras are re-programmed from carbon to crystalline, following the re-leasements of your DNA cellular encodements.

I personally felt a deep sense of peace and inner safety prevailing. I felt I could ‘witness’, rather than get caught up in my life, suggesting therefore I was more grounded. I then started attracting similar thinking, i.e. ‘vibratory people! We rapidly grew then quicker, than I’ve ever transformed before. This consciousness expansion into the ‘greater peace’ and tranquillity gives me now the time and space to look in new directions. I have more ‘time’, which I understand is not ‘linear’.

This re-connects you to the New Paradigm and fortifies your emerging chakras. Assists to clear your mind and grounds oneself, paving the way for the continual integration of your self-hood aspect.

Restores the clarity of the receiver’s six psychic gifts i.e. enhanced intuition, and dream re-call. A new sense of happily belonging on this planet, and with Hope and Optimism that there exists a higher purpose, a higher wisdom, prevails.

A deep sense of restored sovereignty, calm, completion, wholeness, of safety is felt, now a feeling of inclusivity, a part of everything, yet detached from the suffering of it all. The session in chairs is face to face while Tony the Medium channels the 90min ethereal process, which both parties will substantially feel. As the process unfolds raising ones consciousness frequently supporting with clarity our awakening of consciousness since 2012.

Will Enhance and lift your personal frequency integrating more of your Christ self. Be more of who you were meant to be. Tony will also provide your Star nation’s origin.

How can you test this? By your Heart, and by the Peace and Joy thereafter.
Your journey is lightened, and the ‘magic’ within stirred!
What you do with this, is up to you.

DNA Activations 

1.5 Hr Consultation 
Available Worldwide by Phone/Skype/Zoom/In person
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