New Paradigm Healing

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For long lasting emotional balancing, In person or over distance.
With the same integrity and results.

90 min’s laying relaxed on a table guaranteed result of long lasting lightness.
I perform Aura and chakra re-balancing included releasing a lot of your acquired stress for this new world we now live in.

This clearing of stress is a great gift for self and another

Our stress builds up inside the observed aura through the 7 chakras creating a stressed out of balance character. It’s been said ‘the only power we have, as to be in control of our on going stress!’ Sometimes we just need a friendly, experienced, non-judgemental hand! Do you feel your stress is unhealthy? Do you want a long lasting re boot to return somewhat to the previous optimistic, hopeful, energetic person you once were? It is not Age! It is not Solar Flares! It is called stress. Tony sees energy most his life, and stress looks like dark bubbles or smoke within the aura. He bought 20 years ago an aura camera to make sure this cleansing works! As emotional energetic beings you will feel the difference, or you don’t pay!!
Everyone for over 20 years has paid!
And the re balance is very longlasting.
I’ve said to many I’m NOT into ‘Pixie dust’ nor quick fixes!
Ready to look beyond the typical self medicating bandaids?
Similar to various other forms of energetic healing, but with a deeper longlasting result, tony will scan your chakras himself, while you lay on a massage table, turning over half way through, releasing the same blocked energy his mentors showed him 10 years ago.
Anything energetically inside your consciousness not serving you will be released, to start anew.
Addresses: overthinking, anxiety, hypersensitivity, exhaustion, feeling hopeless, demoralised and worrying, feeling flat, even lost. Tired of feeling stressed out? Struggling to cope?
Is it time? I guarantee this will gift you peace.
This is not just another gimmick. Through my servant leadership soul aspect. I just want to help. Nothing compares to this in just 90mins. The proof, even long distance, is in the pudding. Are you tired of feeling stuck?
Do you finally wish to move forward?

Greetings from Tony and The Galactic Federation.

New Paradigm Balancing 

Allow 1.5 Hours
Available Worldwide by Phone/Skype/Zoom/In person
Please Contact us for bookings -
Phone:  08 9848 3360
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