The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA
The Sacred Tree, Denmark WA

New Paradigm Healing

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Energy clearing  and chakra re-balancing, for a new age.  

A 21st Century energetic solution to invisible un-necesssary stress.
Feel Re-Balanced i.e. rebooted

As you know, you can feel it, everything’s changed personally and on the planet.     There is a lot more anger everywhere!
My Spiritual teachers explanation being, astrologicly, human kind is waking up, to especially the invisible controls which have always invalidated us, the controls indigenous cultures worldwide have known and smudged. Smudging now appears ineffective. Some attachments are now screwed in, affecting our sense of well-being.

You too may have evolved sufficiently to realise there is good energy, however there is equally bad energy wanting to divide and conquer us furthermore, with fears and even imaginings.

As a Clairvoyant sensitive I personally observed the change in our auras which I see, following the Aquarian New Paradigm’s commencement, at the end of the Mayan calendar, soon after December 2012. More shadows i.e. attachments transgressed our sovereignty entering our Auric Fields, worrying and confusing us all. I know because it was happening to me. I’ve spent the last 10 years pursuing being free. This is an intended assault on humanities clarity and quest for Truth,
i.e. Ho’oponopono in Ancient Hawaiian/Maori. This is why we have to undergo so many lives. All this confusion!

New Paradigm Healing flushes out from the client’s aura all toxins and therefore inner monologue, with accompanying loss of perpetual tiredness and the sore necks (sometimes) from the weight of this antimatter within the aura!

The previous 2600 years of the Patriarchal ‘Piscean Age’ where might is right! Etc has ended. Is it any surprise the dark doesn’t want us to wake up! What if energy is actually behind all form and action! What if there’s a battle of light versus dark going on within humanity right now? The ‘oil’ in the barrel is simply separating from the water. You are the water! Experience this separation experience yourself, guaranteed to restore your peace, mojo, clarity, correct energy levels, with a simple new method other healers haven’t yet heard of, to check your sovereignty remains intact, like a protective cocoon all around. Ask about the ‘white blankets’.

The re-balancing session: Either long distance or in person.The client benefits by laying on a massage table for 90 mins, if in person, while Tony silently with his guides i.e. spiritual teachers, does the required etheric re-balancing. You needn’t have had a traumatic life experience to require this protective insulation. Address’s especially our emotional, mental state, keeping us grounded and ready for any of life’s challenges ahead.

Ready to get your life back? This is not a gimmick. Release the anti-matter holding you back, i.e. lost or stuck. Move forward only when you are ready.

Feel calm, peaceful, accepting now of life as your vibration is lifted. Address these unbalanced etheric disturbances within your soul disrupting our collective rise in consciousness. That’s why the sabotaging exists! See for yourself with also long distance healings, my integrity and accuracy prevails.

Greetings from Tony and The Galactic Federation.

New Paradigm Balancing 

Allow 1.5 Hours
Available Worldwide by Phone/Skype/Zoom/In person
Please Contact us for bookings -
Phone: 0419 107 333 or 08 9848 3360
 VISIT US: 21 Strickland St, Denmark WA 6333
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